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Know about wonderful nation Belize

Picturesque, Exotic, Amazing, breath-taking; are some of the words that have been used to describe this all inclusive one-stop tourist destination in the Caribbean.  The truth is that there is really no one word or combination of words that can truly capture the essence and beauty of the magnificence of this Caribbean Paradise squeezed in between the Caribbean and Central America. 

From ancient Mayan ruins, world heritage sites, splendid views of the Caribbean Sea, picture perfect islands, the largest natural live coral barrier reef system in the western hemisphere,  the Blue Hole (the blue eye of God), the Maya Mountains,huge natural caves systems, lush tropical green forest, its friendly people and the list goes on and on, all tightly packed in only 22,800 square kilometres (8,800 square miles) of the most beautiful land on this planet; Belize is in fact the one stop shop for people of all ages and likes!

Whether you are into water sports, site seeing or just looking for an amazing pl…

Places to Explore in Belize

Altun Ha

Depart from Belize City and head towards the northern part of the district from early hours.  Travel through many Creole settlements on the Northern Highway, back in time, to one of the several well preserved Mayan Temples in the country. This impressive and towering Mayan site is literally minutes away from Belize City.  Altun Ha, which literally means “Rock Stone Water, is commonly known for many astonishing unearthed items including the one of a kind “Kinich Ahau” - Jade Head of the Mayan “Sun God”; one of the most majestic relics of the Ancient Mayan civilization in the world!  Feel free to tour the site as you learn about the greatness of the Mayan Culture.  After the tour is over we head back to Belize City.
* Horseback Riding

Journey along several picturesque Creole villages along the river valley, all product of the old Logwood and Mahogany industries which where the reason for the British Colony to be established over 200 years ago.  One of these is the Village of Bermu…